Chris Slaviero

Physio Inq Licensee & Senior Manager

When I first graduated as a physiotherapist the learning curve was immense. I originally graduated with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science, and Nutrition before completing my Masters of Physiotherapy at Sydney University. The realisation quickly hits you that there is a gap between the knowledge you gain at university and the knowledge and skills you require to be a great private practice physio. This is something that drives me today, I strive to create the very best learning environment I can to shape the therapists that we hire into Australia€s leading private practice physios. This includes helping them to develop the technical skills and knowledge that is required but also teaching them to be the best educators and teachers that they can be to their own patients.

Sport, health and fitness have always been, and continue to be a passion of mine. Most people that know me will tell you that I am an absolute golf tragic. My other passion is people and hearing their stories! Putting these two together, we have developed relationships with the best and biggest gyms in the Penrith area. Penrith has become, not just a big business hub, but also a huge health and fitness hub, and its so rewarding to be part of the growth and helping to deliver the very best in health care.

Coming from a family of business owners, the progression from employee and mentee to employer and mentor felt a natural progression. I continue to learn as a business owner, as a therapist, as a mentor and educator. I can truly say I have the greatest amount of support from the best team in the healthcare industry.

Feel stronger.
Move better.
Think clearer.

Live a life with less limits 

Physio Inq Penrith 

Physio Inq Penrith conveniently services the following suburbs in Penrith:

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