How does it work?

Nepean Physio Hydro has formulated the most up to date framework for understanding how to effectively manage, treat, communicate and prevent injuries for as long as possible.

By using the TCP framework, our clients are able to see where they are on their journey, how long it will take to complete and why it is critical that they continue to move along the framework.

It works by combining all of the injury processes that our bodies undergo and mapping it out in an easy to follow step by step process. It demonstrates the declining nature of treatment frequency and the common errors of early discharge which can lead to reaggravation.

By following the framework, you will recover faster, have less flare ups and experience much, much longer periods of pain free life.

Total Care Philosphy was designed with you in mind.

We continue to see patients to this day who are frustrated with being fixed, only for the injury to return. We isolated that it was the early discharge of these injuries that was the culprit and formulated a plan to continue to care for our clients to improve the reaggravation rates.

By listening to this concern, we realized that a small amount of time and money spent during the prevention phase would mean a huge saving to the family and client in the long run. Time off due to injury for work, sport and family activities declined dramatically.

Think of the Total Care Philosophy just like you are servicing your car!

We all spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year on our cars, but we rarely are advised to do the same with our bodies. The TCP encourages you to put back into your own machine to guarantee it runs smoothly, won’t break down and performs as it should!